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PC & Mac computer Repair & networking by expert technicians

Skye Southwick - Senior Consultant
Skye has been working on computers since 1986 when he repaired early IBM machines.  He has been building computers for over 11 years and has unsurpassed troubleshooting and repair abilities.  He has extensive experience administering local and wide area networks on the NT and Windows 2000 Server platforms.
 Skye is known as the "LA Computer Guru" and continues to provide telephone support for hundreds of his loyal customers.

"The most import aspect of our work is to care  . . .  to care about our work,  to care about the client and to care about each other"

For Skye's recommendations and advice call
or email Skye at
[email protected] 

Yun Zhu - In-house Customer Support Technician
Yun was an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major at UC Berkley before joining Sky Computer Services.  She has strong software skills with most Microsoft and Apple products including programs such as PhotoShop, FrontPage, Anti-virus programs, most text editors and more. Yun will gladly assist you in purchasing software or hardware, help you on the phone with your computer and send you links to programs and information that you need.  Contact Yun at [email protected]

"you guys rock!". 
Tope Kupolnyi, NEXO Wireless  10/28/03

"What makes our service special is our outstanding team.  Each person in our team is of exceptional ability in their particular area of expertise." Skye Southwick

David Tashbook - Senior Technician/Sales & Service Manager 
David has over 11 years of professional IT experience.  As our Senior Technician we turn to David for the answers to the most difficult networking issues.  David professionally sets up new servers and installs Exchange Server 2000/2003 and  Outlook Web Access.  He has strong skills with Linux, DOS, Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP; Microsoft Office: SQL: SalesLogix; Goldmine; FilemakerPro, Novell Netware; Remote Access Services and extensive implementation experience with DHCP; DNS; NAT; RAS; WINS; Terminal Services. 
Dell Certified Technician – PowerEdge Servers, Dimension Series Desktops, Latitude Notebooks. Email David at [email protected].  See Networking

Brian T. Collins - Shop Manager/Technical Consultant
Brian is very effective at PC trouble-shooting and repair with years of practical experience having worked for Sky Computer Services since its foundation.  He has successfully assisted hundreds of our customers with his friendly disposition and honest nature.  Brian has excellent Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME and XP trouble-shooting experience.  Brian is Certified A+ Technician.  bcollins

Richard Weinstein - Senior Network Engineer 
Richard is CISCO certified and specializes in configuring firewalls, Virtual Private Networks and Point-to-point Networks. His hardware knowledge includes: CISCO 5K & 6K Catalyst Switches, CISCO RSM, 7000, 4000, 2500, 1700 routers, Ascend Telco Switches, ISDN Pipe Line.  He has experience with IBM Mainframes Pentium PCs, Tele Alert Paging, SCSI RAID controllers and Video Conferencing. His software knowledge includes: OSI model, LSL, Nortel NetID and Microsoft Server DHCP, Routing protocols OSPF, RIP and routed protocols TCP/IP, Ethernet, IPX & Apple Talk. Expert knowledge in SNMP with HP NNM Open View & CISCO Works 2000. Richard contiues to work on various operating systems including: Solaris, HP-UX, Microsoft NT 2K, NT 4.0, Netware, IOS for CISCO.
 See Networking

Patrick Vinson - Senior Network Engineer/Programmer
An extremely experienced custom application developer and systems analyst, Patrick can create efficient, cost-effective solutions to most information system requirements.  One of his specialties is integrating existing systems with the Web, providing a seamless information flow.  An expert on DBMSs, Patrick has worked with most major database engines with an emphasis on Microsoft SQL Server.  See Networking & Programming

Jim Rota - Senior Macintosh Consultant
Jim loves MACs and hates PCa.  He doesn't fix MACs, he says "I love them".  He has been professional working on Macs since 1986.  Jim truly has a vast knowledge of the Mac OS both old and new and has performed some fairly intricate hardware repairs.  His strength is with the professional arts side of the computers from Graphic Design to Video Editing to Audio Production.  He has extensive knowledge of all Adobe products, Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro and Avid to just name a few.  Jim also has experience installing and  trouble-shooting wireless MAC based networks.  If you would like to ask Jim a question contact him at
MAC Quote Request / Inquiry.  See MAC Support

Chris Caywood - Senior Laptop Specialist
Chris is a former software engineer for Intel and a systems engineer/technician for the US Coast Guard.  Chris meticulously provides down-to-the-component-level work on all laptop brands. Carry-in or mail* your laptop to Chris and he will fix your problems at a reasonable cost. 
Laptop Repair  & Laptop Repair Inquiry

Peter Damato - Senior Web Designer
Peter is professional web designer/programmer with nearly 8  years of experience in html design. He has strong software skills with Flash, ASP, HTML; and the ability to effectively communicate with clients and build/manage teams for larger projects.  Peter also has years of internet, film/TV and new media experience.  Currently Peter is the Creative Director/Partner in Sky Media services, our division dedicated to providing excellent internet and new media projects to our clients.  His past clients have included MET LIFE, SONY MUSIC, SONY BROADBAND, SONY CORP, M&M MARS, NASCAR, MERRILL LYNCH, CISCO, GOLDMAN SACHS, HBO, AOL, CITIBANK and others.  See www.skymediaservices.com for details or contact Peter at [email protected]

Erick James - Macintosh Hardware/Laptop Specialist
Erick is proficient in all versions of MacOS (7.4, 8.6, 9.1, 9.2. X),  latest Internet protocols, networking, and web programming languages. He has over 10 years of experience with Macintosh computers and Apple products. He supports PowerBooks (including G3's), iMacs, G4's, any PowerMacs, Performas and old 680x0 Macs.  With his PC skills Erick's strength is cross platform networking.  See MAC Support

Armando Becerra - Printer Specialist
Armando has been professionally resolving Laser printer problems for more than 10 years and has been with Sky Computer Services for more then 2 years.   He is a results-oriented individual with a superior technical aptitude.   Armando has a reputation for resolving printer problems on-site that other printer techs can't accomplish.  His experience also allows him to resolve  problems with-in an hour that other techs could take days to repair.  He stands by his work with a promise to "come back without charge and repair any printer that has a repeat problem". 
 Armando holds certifications in multiple Hewlett Packard Laser Printers.
See Laser Printer Support

Nancy Zarow - On-site Customer Service Technician
Nancy is the most patient person amongst us.  She works with our customers after the technician has finished working on your computer system.  She will assist you with using your software better, organizing files properly and figuring out your software questions. See

Adrian Enache - Computer Technician/ Network Engineer
Adrian has over 7 years of advanced network administration, LAN design and PC troubleshooting. He worked for over three years at the United Nations office in Romania as Network Administrator and now he is the newest member of our team. As a Cisco Certified Network Associate he has the knowledge of important concepts and skills, including the OSI model, Ethernet networks running TCP/IP, IP addressing, WAN design and structured cabling skills. His hardware knowledge includes but is not limited to: Cisco and Netopia routers, various brand names of switches (Cisco Catalyst, 3Com, SMC), video conferencing equipment (Polycom), Matra PBX.  His software knowledge includes: MS-DOS, Windows9x/NT/200/XP, Windows 2000 Advanced Server and Windows Server 2003, Cisco IOS, IPlanet Directory and Messaging Server and various applications (eTrust Intrusion Detection, Veritas Backup Exec, MS Office suite, Visio, Corel Draw, Macromedia Dreamweaver etc.).
See PC Repair

Ben Schibner - Computer Technician
Ben has been working professionally with computers for over 6 years. He is proficient in all Microsoft applications including Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and Office 2000/XP. Has extensive experience with TCP/IP and Token ring, RAS, configuring hubs, routers and switches, LAN and WAN, DSL and cable.
You will find Ben completely prepared with many spare parts and supplies to get your computer(s) running smoothly in the shortest period of time. See PC Repair

Robert "RJ" Coffey - Computer Technician/Cabling Specialist
RJ has 10 years of experience with PC Client Support and TCP/IP Networking. He is proficient in all Microsoft applications including Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and Office 97/2000/XP. Robert is an expert at virus detection and removal. He has extensive experience with TCP/IP, RAS, configuring hubs, routers and switches, Terminal Services, Citrix, LAN and WAN, DSL and cable. He is also a highly skilled hardware troubleshooter and can get to the bottom of any problems you're having quickly and effectively. Robert also has experience with Cat5 cable installations.
See Data Cabling

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