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  • Update your virus software weekly - there are always new viruses.

  • Scan for viruses every night - you have to do it these days.

  • Back up all your data files at least weekly to a tape drive - lots of people lose everything!

  • Take one copy of your back-up disk to a second location in case of emergency - many people have thanked me for this advice.

  • Use a firewall if you have DSL or a Cable Modem connection - or you will become infected with a virus or harmful file.

  • Upgrade to Windows2000 or XP for more security and less reboots!

  • Keep a back-up of all you files on another hard disk - easy to retrieve.

  • Don't DEFRAG more then once a month - too often wears on your hard disk.

  • Don't fill your hard disk with too many MP3 files - keep a min. of 300 MB available. 

  • Get a good back-up battery - Just a surge protector is not enough.

  • Despite what others have told you, it is better for your computer (not server) to be shut down every night.  Windows 95 and 98 particularly likes to be restarted.  Windows 2000 and XP are better designed to be on all the time, however, your system may still heat up and reduce the life of your hard drive if you leave it on all the time.

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Disclaimer. We sincerely hope that these tips can assist you. However, we are not responsible for system damage or financial loss in any manner due to the advice provided here.  If you have a virus or other serious hard disk or operating system problems you should contact a trained technician for help.