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  • "...(Bruce) got rid of the bugs and other junk that infected me... he did a great job..." New World Marble, Roger W. Reddig 05/19/05 

  • Form Design Inc (Construction). Ask for Donna, she is very friendly. We maintain their network and computers.  We high recommend Form Design for remodeling, renovations and professional construction projects.

  • 2H Construction

  • Southern California Roofing Co.


  • "All of whom were sent provided excellent customer service and great attitude." Metiri Group, Karen Dyer 07/15/05

  • "...thank you for setting up the password protection section of the ebpa website. Thank you for all your help!!!" Garner Consulting, Dilu de Silva 07/22/05 

    "I would recommend you and have often!  I will stick with you!  Dave is a true blessing, a genius & a real friend.  Skye is the best."  Kauffman Sports Inc (Sports Agent in Malibu). Ask for Susan, she has been a customer more than 4 years.

  • Bradley/Lambert, Inc, www.bradleylambert.com 6151 West Century Blvd Ste. 1110.  We built/setup their server and have been supporting their workstations and notebooks.

  • "They can help . . .[their attitude and ability is] excellent"  Corporate Culture DevelopmentWilliam M. Stierle.

  • "Very satisfied."  Influx Consulting Corp., Hans Stadlbauer, Santa Monica.

  • Cargill Consulting Group, Inc. 13232c Fiji Way, www.cargilsales.com Gil is an established corporate sales trainer and recognized in his field.

Design and Advertising  

  • "They can get the job done with a good attitude"  Artecnica Inc., Enrico Bressan, President 3457 S. La Cienega Blvd.

  • "Competent cross-platform onsite technical support" Simply Digital, David Tolson, Santa Monica

  • Entertainment Design Corp. We rebuilt their IBM NetFinity Server on NT 4.0 with Exchange Server and Outlook Web Access.  We also completely setup 10+ workstations and two print servers.  Jocelyn Raiton, ([email protected]) completed our customer service survey with "Excellent" for our telephone support, the technician's attitude and the technician's skills.  Jocelyn was so appreciative that he mentioned us on the homepage of his website at www.entdesign.com!

  • "We are very pleased" Global GraphicsCeila Giries, Santa Fe Springs.

  • Mediafish Creative, 7225 Owensmouth Ave, Miguel Fernandez.

  • JPS Marketing, Calabasas (Direct Marketing) Ask for Jimmy Sweeney, (Friendly guy and has known Skye for years)

  • Charles & Associates Advertising

  • Anita Santiago Advertising, Inc.

Educational and Training

    • "Friendly, timely, skilled and professional." Fun-CPR Training, Avvy Ben-Shimon, 03/12/04 

    • American Media Training, We manage training room computers.

    • Crossroads School

    • Knowledge Works


    • "Any and all computer fixes that we need shall be done by your company. We appreciate all of your work and all of your people." Warner Bros., Yuell Newsome 09/16/05 

    • "Skye, you are a prince among men! My lord, you saved my butt this time! Thank you both 1 MILLION TIMES!" Disney, Jesus Di Sica 08/29/05 

      "I was expecting to be charged much more - very fair. I will not bring my computer anywhere else for service." The Organization, Doc Williamson. 02/11/04 

    • "Prompt, caring, excellent quality, informative... these guys are great!" Beverly Hills Playhouse, Deb Snyder.

    • "Very professional, accommodating and knowledgeable.  Patrick was quick and confident in his work" Rachel, WMTC, Inc. Calabasas.

    • [. . . your telephone support, skill and service is] excellent"  Daniel Markus, Dream Street Management

    • "I would recommend your services and the technician's skill and attitude was excellent"  Western Avenue Productions, Mary Dean, 35 S. Venice Blvd.

    • "good, fast, efficient, I'd use again!" Winston Music Publishers, Lynne Green.

    • "Prompt & Efficient. Excellent personalized service."  Walt Disney Archive, Dave Smith, 11/24/03

    • Artist Workspace, Devora Culer, Acting and Career Coach www.devoraculter.com

    • Joanne Baron/D. W. Brown Studio, www.baronbrown.com 320 Wilshire Blvd. #200  We support their computers and printers.

    • Actuality Productions/Hearst Entertainment, Inc.

    • Dream Street Management

    • Fabrication Films, We installed company server.

    Event Management

    • "Services are Great." "Prompt and effective Service".  Blue Room Events, Amy Price, West Century Blvd.


    • "Excellent [service]. Your guy seemed to know what he was doing and was polite, nice, etc." Point Financial, Tom Mercuriu, Los Angeles. 06/29/04 

    • "...[I] was pleased. I will continue to refer you guys."  Bank of the West, Joan Sandoval. 01/15/04

    • WMTC/C & H Investment Company, Ila Grobe, Porto Del Mar.

    • Wealth Builders - Ask for Muriel Blake, MA, MSW, CFP. (Investment & retirement specialist) She will be pleased to talk to you if she is not busy.

    • Galileo Capital Management, LLC, Thomas "Tom" Thornton.

    • "Hey David, Skye, Brian and the rest of Sky Computer Service . . .I wanted to write a thank you note and commence you on a job well done.  You guys are ALWAYS ready to help! many times you provide tips, phone support and more for no charge. When you come for office service, you are very professional and get the job done quickly. So thanks again and keep up the good job! I will be happy to recommend Sky Computer Services to anyone who asks." Cannon Trading Company, Ilan Levy Mayer, 9301 Wilshire blvd.  We have upgraded many of their computers, setup a print server and worked in the home of Ilan.

    • "Very good service". Cannon Trading Company, Mike, 9301 Wilshire blvd. 03/11/04.

    • Si Co., Structured Investments, Los Angeles. We rebuilt their network including a exchange server, terminal server and web server.

    • Moretta Financial Services

    • Katz Accounting

    • Landmark Equity Management, Inc.

    • Harebrained Investments, Inc.

    • OTC Innovations, Inc.

    • Structured Investments, Inc.

    • Richard Welling Co.

    • Riverbank Mortgage


    • Best Western South Bay Hotel, Lawndale. Shirley Johnson.

    Laptop Repair

    • "Your office repaired my titanium laptop and I am satisfied... I will keep your business in mind and refer my friends to you" D. Andrews, Los Angeles 05/17/04 

    • "Very good, fast, price competitive . . .well satisfied" Paul Bateman, Lemoore, CA.

    • "I would say you [Chris] are great" Michael Zand, Los Angeles


    • "[Armando was] very knowlegable. Didn't waste any time. Excellent, reliable source for my small office."  Ivins, Phillips & Barker, Dorthy Anderson. 03/04/04

    • "Competent, truthful, keep your word to the client, efficient, and nice to your customers.  We feel good after talking with you even though nothing is fixed yet. In my opinion your service is excellent"  Divorce Clinic, Law Office of Loretta Hersh, 2506 Overland Ave.

    • "The technicians knew their job and were able to complete and solve the problem." Davis & Winston, Dimtry, Los Angeles. 07/22/03 

    • Robert Berke Law Offices - We built/installed a file server with a tape back-up system and support their workstations. Ask for Sharon or Patty.

    • Daniel Brookman, Danial Brookman Law Firm.  We have worked in Daniel's office in Santa Monica and networked/cabled his home with 5 computers including a MAC in Venice.

    • Paul Husband, Attorney at Law - Burbank. We custom built a computer for Paul for voice recognition, networked his existing computers and provided training.

    • Samoska & Friedman, LLP, Los Angeles

    • Andrew Martin, Millard Law. Sky Computer services set up a MS Exchange server and provided regular network support and maintenance.

    • Law Office of Ira Frigerg

    • Law Office of Jeffrey Linnetz.

    • Law Office of Fox and Fox

    • "Thanks David for your excellent assistance." Law Office of Keith S. Knochel, Keith Knochel 01/28/04

    • Law Office of Oldman, Cooley, Leighton, Sallus

    • Marilyn Mora Law Firm

    • Marvin Kaye Law Firm

    • Patrick Crane Law Firm

    • Stephen D. Linnett, Attorney at Law

    Manufacturing & Distribution

    • French Rags Inc., (Color Knits, Inc. - Apparel Manufacturing and distribution), Mile J. Rasic, Executive VP & COO.  We have upgraded their server, worked on the 20+ workstations and sold them many new computers over the years.

    • C R & A Custom Apparel, Inc., contact Masoud

    • Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.  As a national company we work with the head office in Wisconsin to maintain the systems at the Sunset Blvd. location. www.etcconnect.com

    • Spectrum Plastics, 12850 Midway Pl., Cerritos.  We worked on their MACs.

    • ESP Guitar and Basses, North Hollywood

    • "You guys are the best!" Kagan Trim Center, Vernon

    • SJM Industrial Radio, Inc., 1212 E. Imperial Av. El Segundo, Talk to Scott McKenney.  (He is one of our major customers.)  We support over 18 workstations with a dedicated mail server and a domain controller on two NT 4 systems using MS Exchange Server behind a Cisco firewall.

    • Electrosonic Systems, Inc. Burbank. www.electrosonic.com

    • Monica Alloy, Inc.

    • Nupla, Inc.

    • Quantimitrex, Inc.

    • dTank, Inc.

    • Internet Scrap Metal Exchange, Inc.


    • "Thanks for the ideas through your email. Also, thanks for providing great service. It helps us tremendously that you're so close and I appreciate bing able to walk my problems in and leaving with resolution! Also, Kate and the rest of your staff is always terrific." Digitcare, Bill Jordan. 09/13/05 

    • "I will recommend your services to others most definately." Dentalworkers, Inc., Cathy Price. 08/12/04 

    • "thanks so much . . your guy was great. Solved a problem that no one else was able to figure out". Donna Warren, Office Manager, Aviva Biederman, MD, 3rd st. Los Angeles. 01/05/03

    • "your service is highly ranked, very efficient, and I would recommend it readily". Dr. David Milstein, MD, 11/05/03

    • "[. . . your telephone support and service is] excellent" Dr. Frank Drucker, (Psychiatrist) Santa Monica.

    • "Your services are excellent. David was amazing"  Victoria Sandler MD.

    • Dr. Kenneth Hoffer, MD, F.A.C.S, Eye Physician & Surgeon. 

    • Dr. Wayman Merrill, Marina City Towers.

    • "You are prompt, reliable and give helpful explanations of your work". Dr. Yates, Sunset Blvd, Pacific Palisades.

    • Beverly Hills Int'l Center, Dr. Francis Rogers Palmer III, 8500 Wilshire Blvd ste# 900

    • Peak Health Medical Group

    • UCLA Hyberbaric Medicine

    • Dr. Aviva Biederman, MD

    Nutrition and Health

    • "We have found (Sky Computer Services) to be excellent. Very dependable, intelligent and responsible service. We have worked with Sky Computer Services for 6 years. I would highly recommend Skye and his competent service team headed by David." Radiant Wonder Inc, Natural herb and vitamin manufacture.  Ask for Russell or Amanda, the owners. We designed their entire e-commerce website and setup their office computers/printers.  We Highly recommend their products at www.radiantwonder.com 04/20/2005

    • Dr. Art Karno,  www.totalhealthmethods.com. Dr. Art is a outstanding chiropractor in Marina Del Rey. Dr. Karno is always open to helping others and would be pleased to talk to you.

    • Dr Diane Sanson, (Psychologist) Point Dome


    • "Going price. Very good." UAL, Camille Luft, 07/14/04 

    • "Knowledgable & Courteous."  Community Conservancy International, Jessie Kim. 07/10/04

    • "Fast, helpful & dependable. Pricing seems very fair. Thanks for all your help."  Clear PR, Cate Monell.

    • "Armando was great. I intend to use your services for all our personal printer repair needs." Avacus Corporation, Dan Stynchula, Santa Monica. 05/14/04 

    • "I have tried maybe a dozen different repair people over the years, and [Sky Computers] is the best I've found." Puppy Bear, Inc., David Odell, 09/09/04 

    • "Terrific, dependable, honest..." Puppy Bear, Inc., Annette Odell, Los Angeles 02/01/04 

    • "Thank you for the excellent service... Adrian provided knowledgeable and fast solutions to problems that I have been struggling with for over one year. I especially appreciate his kindness and patience." The National Society for ADA Transportation, Sandra Katzman, Tarzana. 01/18/04 

    • "Professional, knowledgable and punctual... but most of all, friendly"  US Coast Guard, Louis Hebert. 01/14/04

    • "Great, excellent job." Westwood Assoc., Jeff Lawson 

    • Seal Lab Manufacture

    • Spira Manufacturing, Inc.


    • "I just wanted to say "thank you" for such great, professional service. My tech, Bruce, was knowledgable and had a terrific attitude. When my problem wasn't completely resolved, he returned the next day. Bruce, then called me on the third day to follow up. Thanks again for your personal and conscientious service." Debbie Warshaw,   05/09/05

    • "Bruce is great! Fixed the problem in no time. Efficient & affordable" John Probst, 09/15/05

    • "Brian was very knowledgeable and courteous. Great service experiences!" Dimple Parmar, 03/15/05

    • "It was a relief to find someone trustworthy and efficient to take care of computer. It fel good to have someone translate from 'technology' to 'english'." Jennifer MacLean, 01/21/05 (click for PDF of full review)

    • "They are efficient, highly capable and affordable. High recommentation" Airikuh Warshau, 04/11/05 

    • "...thank you so much for your great customer service! I really, really appreciated your prompt response via home phone, cell and email. Eddie was equally as prompt and thorough. I will definitely be using your services in the future!" Tracey, 03/21/05 

    • "Excellent (Telephone Support, Technical Skills). Outstanding & Courteous, too." Anonymous, Los Angeles 02/05 

      "You guys (especially [David] and Patrick) really take good care of us. Thank you so much." Rosie, Los Angeles 08/24/04 

    • "Quick & Efficient." Pat Deibel-Ratil 08/10/04 

    • "Responsible, high-quality - good pricing." Ken Mann, 08/06/04 

    • "Friendly, fast service. Great prices on equipment. Top quality parts used in repairs. Thanks for your help with my computer." Jennifer Kennedy, Los Angeles 07/31/04 

    • "Hire these guys! [David] goes straight to the solution like a laserbeam." Michael Gister, Los Angeles 

    • "Effecient and helpful. Great trustworthy service and opinions for the price. I'd refer Erick's expertise to someone with confidence." Michele Deune, West Hollywood 

    • "Right to the point, pragmatic and with a range of knowledge. I enjoyed the whole process. I was taken care of as a customer rather than being admonished for now knowing more about computers." Melanie Henderson, Los Angeles 

    • "Great job, you're appreciated!"  Paul Goldman, 05/27/04

    • "I was pleasantly surprised. . .you guys are the ones to call!"  Bob Colleary, 4/01/04

    • "Adrian was quick, efficient and friendly. Excellent service with a friendly touch. Very prompt."  N. Haddad, 03/30/04

    • "Friendly, helpful & very knowledgable. Everything was perfect!"  Julee Gould, 3/10/04

    • "Excellent technician! I would definitely recommend..."  Shannon Bowen, 3/09/04

    • "Very courteous and competent."  Marc Wright, 03/09/04

    • "I'm relieved to know that I can call on a reliable source for help."  Diane Hyland, 03/04/04

    • "[Adrian] was very helpful and nice."  E. Bearcroft, Los Angeles 01/10/04

    • "I am so happy - wonderful employees"  Mary DeKeimion

    • "Excellent [technician skills]"  Raylene Thompson

    • "Excellent [technicians]. Very professional!" Libi Kane, Burbank 

    • "Excellent business. Thank you..." S.White, Los Angeles 

    • "Resonable [rates]... able to recognize and pin point the problem efficently..."  Barrie J., Los Angeles

    • "Excellent [technical skills]. Knowledgable & honest." Stephen Lippross 

    • "Erick was helpful, professional, engaged, answered questions and educated us... [Skye was] very friendly and responsive." Tony & Barbara Palmer, Los Angeles 

    • "Fast & dependable." J. Larry Carroll, 12/29/03

    • "Excellent [telephone support]. Detailed, patient." Anne LeBaron, 06/30/03 

    • "[Armando] had proper parts, experienced, good service...fast & efficient & not too costly..." Dean David, Santa Monica 

    • "Great!!!"  Heidi Gore, Simi Valley 11/24/03

    • ". . .professional and courteous service . . .[the tech] went right to work, got the problems solved and assisted me in establishing systems to prevent further issues.  thanks again Patrick and Skye for the help"  Peter Ocko. Marina Del Rey 11/05/03

    • The two times I called you were very helpful and friendly . . .[you guys are] friendly technicians ready to help with any problem. I am very happy [that] I called Sky Computer Services"  Steven Appelbaum.

    • "Very courteous & knowledgeable & patient, and thorough. [I] will call again when I need assistance"  Cherl Orlov. 09/16/03

    • "Very pleased. Excellent service."  Ed Bradley, Granada HIlls, CA. 10/07/03

    • "You guys are quick, polite, responsive and knowledgable. Love it!" Tara Aronson, 01/20/03 

    • "Addressed my concern, gave me some tips & extras . . . was pleased . . . and followed up on the phone twice.  The cheerful, willing phone aid was super"  Steven Christie, Palos Verdes Estates

    • "I would, and have, told others that 'they couldn't find better anywhere!'  [You have my] complete satisfaction . . .thank you very much for the work that you have done . . " Robert

    • "I am not as good of a linguist as I'd like to be to say how wonderful of a job Nancy did. Excellent, Fantastic, Marvelous, Superlative, Magnificent, Outstanding, Superb, Wonderful, Terrific, Extraordinary, Fabulous, Incredible all seem to be insignificant & insufficient to express my gratitude!!  So you will both have to just settle for my Thank You!!!" Robert 11/02/03

    • "Friendly - helpful - timely services [with] nice people!  good tech skills . .  [your telephone support has] been very helpful."  Carol Weiss.

    • "Great techs. Knowledgeable . . . no hipe, fast [problem] solvers and fair.  I told my neighbor about you."  Sue Alfreds.

    • "I had a few other techs come here who worked on this . . . for a few nights . . .and you just got most of it working . . .[in an hour]" Al Wattson, Zayanta Dr., Playa Del Rey.

    • "I found them very helpful and reliable" Brenda Zamzow. Santa Monica.

    • He [David] showed an extraordinary amount of patience and refused to panic in dealing with a very perplexing problem . . . .he obviously is extremely well-versed in his craft. But, more importantly, he has a wonderful demeanor - a rarity in this day of "attitude" David Keller, Los Angeles.

    • "Erick [the mac guy] did an excellent job" Elena & Sam Evenberg.

    • "Excellent - responsive. Recommended you  . . .Better then prior Apple consultants whom i used for years" Don Shaw, Playa del Rey.

    • "Always pleasant [telephone support].  . .felt [price] was fair. They care" DBA Brown Production Services, Judi Brown.

    • "Excellent service . . Patrick is dedicated and very skilled" Thomas J. Brindisi.


    • Santa Monica Daily Press, 530 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 200, We assisted this esteemed organization with their Mac OS X server and the other Macs using Quark. We also did the cabling for their new office. Ask for Ross the Publisher.www.smdp.com  A nice Santa Monica publication.

    • Rafael Buitrago, Los Angeles (Spanish Columnist/Writer)

    • Striker Media Group - Pico Blvd.  Ask for Christine.  We setup their server, installed a tape backup and have maintained their computers at peak performance.

    • LA Parent, www.unitedad.com, 443 E. Irving Dr. #D.  We assist the Head office in Texas to support their Burbank location.

    Real Estate

    • "[Stephen] was friendly & courteous. I would recommend the service."  RAD Management, Gary Morabito, 3/10/04

    • Klein Commercial Real Estate, Jim Klein - Jim specializes in commercial real-estate (www.kleincom.com) and would be pleased to provide a referral.


    • "[Patrick] promptly address[ed] the two things that I had originally brought him in to do, but he also helped us with a few other nagging issues that we had never quite figured out." Takeout Taxi, Mark Loranger, Los Angeles 01/30/04 

    • "excellent, friendly services" Porter House Bistrot, Irene Lee

    • Brent's Deli, Ask for Mark or Brent. We have helped them with their computers for many years.

    • The Ivy, Los Angeles. We migrated server from NT 4 to 2003 and also maintain network.

    • Crustacean Corp. Los Angeles

    • Bruno's Burgers


    • Padilla Jewelers, Inc., Manuel Padilla, 9489 Dayton Way # 30.

    • Jero Books & Templet Co Ask for Mary Rojeski she is a nice person.


    • "(Dimitry & Bruce) knew exactly what they were doing. Professional performance & behaviour" Brody-Pennell Heating & Air Conditioning, Lamia Wahhab, Los Angeles. 06/05 

    • "Reliable, efficient, cost effective, good service." Academy Awning, Rocio Mora, Los Angeles 04/05/04 

    • "...a 'pat on the back to you' and a superb and big Thank You!!! [Adrian] saved me hundreds, and perhaps thousands of dollars... my computer is working 'blindlingly fast'"  Metropolitan Chem-Dry, Gordon Cook, Santa Monica, 2/03/04

    • "Excellent [telephone support]. Use them."  Jonathan Rich.

    •  "excellent [and] at a really fair price.  I will definitely call you again for any computer problems " Pacific Tree Care, Jeannie McGrew. 09/08/03.

    •  "a good all-around resource for computer repair/help & computer networking problem resolution" Interior Spaces Inc., Jennifer Fong, Santa Monica

    • "...I have been able to generate some additional sales that I never would have gotten without your service." Moers Sales Promtions, Inc., Raymond Moers, 07/07/03 

    •  "[an] excellent business. Thank you . . " Sedwick & Company, Erica White, Santa Monica

    • LAXTEC, LA International Airport

    • Dance Doctor, Santa Monica

    • Elderlink, Santa Monica

    • TMP Holdings, Inc. Santa Monica

    • Lighthouse Properties, Marina del Rey

    • All American Energy Inc. Marina del Rey

    • Culver West Convalescent (home), Culver City


    • "Sky Computer Service was quick to get a technician to work on our server problem. The technicians I have worked with are very professional and get the job done quickly. Overall the technicians performance and abilities were excellent". Densitron Corporation, Janette Naveran,   03/05

    • "...we would recommend your company to a possible local client". MICAD, Marine, Ana Muresean,   09/05

    • Very nice guys, they know their stuff . . .you guys rock! Been really helpful, with I could clone Patrick and have him in the office all the time ". NEXO Wireless, Tope Kupolnyi,   10/28/03

    • "Capable, conscientious & timely. [the tech] was very good to work with & did a very good job for us" Linde Company, Ian R. Linde.

    • McDermott Communications

    • Melador Technologies, Inc.

    Ticket Sales  

    • Applause Tickets, Richard Shelter, [email protected]  We maintain their LAN and provide on call technical support.  We highly recommend Applause tickets for great prices on concert tickets in LA.

    • "Excellent [service]. Good stuff." On The House, Steven Toriell, Los Angeles 

    • Tony's Tickets

    • Hollywood Tickets


    • Elite Transfer Moving Inc, Hathorn, Ask for Kristin - she is very friendly.  We built setup their Windows 2000 server, built and installed their workstations and setup remote access for management.   We highly recommend Elite Transfer for all your commercial & residential moving needs.

    Travel & Tourism

    • Marina del Rey Convention & Visitors. Ask for Beverly Moor.  www.visitthemarina.com

    • LA Connection. Santa Monica

    • Asian Pacific Travel, We maintain network.

    • US1Travel.com

    Note: Most of these customers have mentioned that they would be pleased to refer our services. However, please be respectful of their time. Thanks.

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