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PC Components

Our tips and advice about most computer components and peripherals.

Floppy drive stop working?
We can install a FLOPPY DRIVE Quickly.  We use TECH brand for reliability.  $15.00
Old CD Drive to slow or giving you problems? 
We can replace your old drive with a 52X speed CD-DRIVE quickly.  Computers older then 3 or 4 years probably have slower CD-drives that often cannot install or run modern software or games that requires min 48X speed. $39.00
The quality of your display (monitor display) is greatly dependant on the memory and quality of your DISPLAY CARD (connects to the monitor). Old and "budget" computers often use 4MB & 8MB display cards that don't have the resolution needed for some applications, particularly games and video production programs.  We install 32MB ($39.00) display adaptors as standard in all our systems and offer display cards with 64MB and 128MB from $89.00 to $179.00.
The fastest way to improve the performance of your computer is to upgrade the MEMORY.  (Memory Prices have never been lower).  We always install the highest quality memory with a 3 year warranty to assure top performance. 128 MB - $59.00, 256 RAM $79.00
Most old computers can support a faster PROCESSOR which will improve performance.  We use the industry leader Intel in all our products.  However, we can upgrade AMD processors as well.   An important part to every processor is the cooling systems and number of supporting fans. Processors range greatly in price from $79.00 to $350.00
Do you need better sound? Do you want to listen to CDs, Net Radio or play DVDs on your computer? If so, you may need a better sound card. We can install new 64bit or 128bit SOUND CARD that will produce high-performance sound, so that games and applications sound better.  Many giant manufacturers and "budget" computers use "built-in" or low-grade sound cards. However, we proudly support Creative Labs, the leader in quality multimedia products.  From $49.00 to $129.00
We will install your PRINTER and the supporting software: we will also teach you how to use the different functions.  Most printers now use USB ports instead of the printer port for easier installation.  We offer a select range of HP printers for every printing requirement. Color Ink Jet printers start from $49.00 and black and white Laser printers start at $359.00.  Call for color Laser printer prices.
Need more disk space? We can add a new faster and larger HARD DISK and make your old disk the secondary drive.   There are lots of slower "low cost" hard disks. However, we only use Western Digital Drives with a 3 year warranty at least 7200rpm. 20Gb drives start at $89.00, with 40gb drives at $99.00 and larger drives costing over $250.00. Theses days we are recommending The Western Digital 40Gb with a 3 year warranty (some hard drives have only a 1 or two year warranty.
Start taking photos and print or e-mail them instantly! Record video clips and send them to friends and family!  You can upload your pictures or videos to the web too.  We can quickly install a VIDEO CAMERA with the supporting software and get you going starting at only $39.00 
You must back-up all your important files regularly and a ZIP BACKUP is the easiest way.  We will install the I-omega software and teach you how to back-up your files.  Zip drives come in either 100mb or 250mb capacity. Internal zip drives start from  $89.00 and external drives (photo) start from $159.00. Zip disks sold separately. 
To backup larger amounts of data for more than one computer or a server, you need a TAPE BACKUP.   Most tape backups have 20gb, 40gb or 60gb capacity.  We will schedule the back-up to automatically backup your files every night. Internal Tape Drives start from $279.00, and the tapes cost $39 each. 
You can us a scanner for copies, faxing and more! We can install a new SCANNER and teach you how to operate it.  Thin scanners with pre-programmed buttons for e-mail, scanning and copying  start from $69.00 and go up to $259.00.  More expensive models can usually scan negatives and/or larger page sizes. Unless you have some specific requirement, scanners less then $100 are sufficient. 
Want to start making your own CDs or play DVDs on your computer? We can quickly install a new CDRW or DVD Drive and teach you how to use it. CDRW from $129.00 and come with the software to make data and music CDs. We recommend Sony and Samsung Models. DVD players start from $99.00 and there are DVD/CDRW combination drives for only $149 (their write speed is a little slower than the stand alone CDRW.)  DVD Writers are now on the market but currently the prices are starting at over $300. 
Minimum onsite labor: $75.00 for PCs and $85.00 for MACs

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